5 Things to Look for When You Need a Graphic Designer

When pondering about your visual brand, chances are that you’ll need to start with a logo. However, the truth of the matter is that branding entails so much more than having a logo in mind. It’s about intentionally using visual prompts like layout, imagery, colour, and type to stick out.

If you are looking for a graphic designer to make your brand come to life, here are 5 things you need to take into account before enlisting one.

Graphic design is an expertise, and although there are excellent tools that will assist you to design some pretty nifty images, there’s only so much they can do for you. Therefore, if you want to enlist a graphic designer, below are five things to consider when selecting yours. If you’re in the Hampshire area and are looking for a graphic designer, check out graphic design company Hampshire.

They have incredible attention to detail

Design that stands out isn’t generated in minutes. It will take some time and needs keen attention to detail.

If there’s even the smallest error, the image or logo used will come off a bit amateurish. A good graphic designer will review their creation several times to ascertain there are no problems with colour, feel, appearance, and alignment.

They’re super-organised

A lot of drafts, edits, and time go into forging the perfect image for your brand. Therefore, if you are looking for a graphic designer, you’ll want somebody who’s super-organised.

When a graphic designer isn’t organised, their design variations and files will get jumbled up or lost. And subsequently, you’re getting rough drafts or unfinished versions of projects the designer never meant you to view.

When looking for a designer, ascertain that you inquire how you’ll get the final product and how it will be labelled, so you don’t waste time reviewing the wrong version.

They’re adept in a range of styles

You’ll want to enlist a versatile person who takes chances to work on a range of styles different from what they are adept in.

Of course, you’ll ideally want to hire a designer with a portfolio of designs you love. However, as projects progress, what you may have envisaged may alter and you want a different style.

Most designers have their preferred style, but the best ones can work on projects that are outside their expertise.

They’re excellent problem solvers

They are specialists in what they do and can steer you in the direction you want.

Graphic designers aren’t just a means to create the images you desire; they are also problem-solvers. If something isn’t heading in the right direction, they’ll either resolve the situation or include your ‘must-have’ element in the final product.

And if what you want isn’t practical, they’ll give you reasons behind this.

If what you want to be incorporated is damaging to your brand, then it will be in your interest to follow their advice.

They’re great visual and oral communicators

The right design is the design that functions. And the right designs relay the correct message to the proper audience.

A skilled designer knows how to communicate their message properly. Not only with the final design. They should be excellent communicators across the entire project, so you receive designs that kindle the minds of your audience.

Do you really need to enlist a graphic designer?

The truth of the matter is that only you can provide the answers to that, but here’s what I recommend:

Hiring a graphic designer is an excellent method to get the foundations right.

Enlisting a designer to build and make brand templates and guidelines make it simpler to use software to design a poster, leaflet, or brochure that feels well-designed and consistent.

All in all, it is way more budget-friendly than enlisting a designer to create something for you in isolation.

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