How Can Drone Photography Improve The Real Estate Market?

Drone photography for real estate listings is still a fair novelty idea, and as such, it can highlight your listings. Of course, looking at the long-term advantages of drone photography use in real estate marketing proves that it can enhance the industry in numerous ways!

Show Off Spatial Awareness

Capturing the sheer size of a property on camera is often limited to an estate agent’s own ability to photograph what they see. As a result, spatial awareness is very much affected by what they see versus what potential buyers want to know. Drone photography allows a better vantage point for capturing the size of a property before interested buyers schedule an in-person tour.

There are numerous questions that drone photography is able to answer for buyers, such as:

  • How much yard space does the house have?
  • What is the property layout like?
  • How far are the neighbours located?
  • How far is the boat dock from the actual house?

Drone videos can capture all the minute details of a large ranch, farm or estate. It can provide the visual cues necessary to draw adequate conclusions for buyers about the property’s grand scale.

Drones Help Put An Estate Into Context

Drone photography doesn’t just have the ability to make a property look imposing or impressive, but it places it into the correct context. A map may provide some of these details along with layout information and distance, but no one can deny how much easier it is to capture all of this (and more) on camera!

Potential buyers can get a better sense of the layout of the land. They can see the condition of the roads and walkways as well as how conveniently the property is located to the nearest shops. Drone photography can also help capture the look and feel of the neighbourhood while raising potential awareness of eyesores in the area.

Drones Can Help Highlight Inaccessible Features

Certain features of a property are highly sought after but virtually impossible for estate agents to capture. Photographic drones will allow agents to show off new roofs or freshly installed solar panels that are otherwise inaccessible.

Getting Started With Drone Photography In Real Estate

Whether you’re a broker or an estate agent, you need to consider if you have the time, aptitude, and capital to get started with drone photography. Though DIY drone photography may seem easy, the truth is that the results hardly look polished or professional. For those with limited photography experience in general, this is doubly the case!

Drone photography requires a speciality blend of skills in order to create appealing shots of a property. Not only do you need to invest a great deal of money into the photography equipment itself, but learn about local rules and regulations pertaining to drones while also getting a licence to use them in the first place. For the professional brochure-quality shots you seek, you will need the right technical skills along with great photo-editing software to make it happen.

Fortunately, you can eliminate this headache by hiring one of the many speciality drone photographers in your area! Of course, if you’re still dreaming about taking your own photographs, there are some steps to complete, but it all starts with obtaining your drone flying licence!

In order to fly a drone for any commercial purpose, you need to obtain a licence from the FAA. In some cases, people may refer to it as the Part 107 licence because of the regulation it directly mandates.

You will need to pass an aeronautical knowledge exam in order to properly obtain a licence. This exam contains subject matter pertaining to emergency procedures, airspace classifications, and restrictions. To help you pass the exam, it’s recommended that you take an online training course.

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