Why Use A Recruitment Agency?

Recruitment of new employees can be a time-consuming and costly process for organisations; one that uses up significant resources, but hardly ever offers any guarantees. Employees fully understand just how valuable it can be to retain top talent – individuals capable of driving their business forward and boosting the bottom line.

Human resources departments often face the difficult task of providing a continual flow of talent and ensuring that they hire persons suited to the job as well as the organisation’s culture. In buoyant job markets, where employers compete with each other for the most experienced and skilled staff, it becomes incredibly challenging.

In many instances, employers require professional assistance with their hiring practices. Using a recruitment consultant for identifying and attracting talent as well as negotiating terms, can help to relieve a lot of pressure. Such an approach can help organisations find the people they need to move forwards, interview them, and secure their services without breaking the bank.

So, what exactly is the benefit of using a recruitment agency to help hire professionals? Here are some of the practical benefits:

1. Talent Identifying Ability

The benefit of HR advisor recruitment agencies is that they work with both employers searching for HR talent and professionals looking for career opportunities. That’s why they are ideally placed to be ‘in the know’ and operate as an intermediary between the two parties.

The knowledge that recruitment agencies have about how to avoid hiring bad candidates can be highly valuable; they know who’s looking for work, how capable they actually are, and what kind of salary expectations people have.

2. Advertising Job Roles

The benefit of recruitment agencies is that they don’t just advertise vacancies, either online or on the high street, but also actively seek out the right professionals that fit the job description.

Recruitment agencies can establish direct contact with talented individuals that they know, having helped them secure jobs in the past, and invite them to apply for the role. Some professionals might not even be actively looking for a change of career, but your vacancy may just tempt them.

3. Salary Negotiation

The last thing you want as an employer is to reach the end of the recruitment process, having identified a preferred candidate and made an offer, only to find that you cannot reach a consensus on salary and benefits.

Prior to getting into salary negotiations, recruitment agencies can help you with the benchmark of remuneration against other businesses in your industry and can provide valuable resources that provide insights into the current trends.

Recruitment consultants are also actively involved in the process of hiring, which involves the placement of skilled candidates and the negotiation of salaries. They can negotiate on behalf of both parties and agree on a remuneration package that’s mutually acceptable. Furthermore, they make sure there’s a realistic process for sealing the deal.

4. Interviewing Candidates

The benefit of using a recruitment agency when interviewing candidates is that they can conduct interviews on behalf of an employer, which helps save both time and money.

A recruitment agency first provides a candidate screening – potentially via phone- to jump-start the process of narrowing down applicants. First, they learn a bit more about the shortlisted individuals and then eliminate any potentially unsuitable matches from the process.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to hiring, employers don’t have to go it alone. The benefit of using a recruitment agency is that they help organisations and businesses access the experience and skills they need, in good time, within budget. This allows employers to free up both time and monetary resources needed to propel the business forward.

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