4 Reasons To Consider A Bathroom Upgrade

Has your bathroom lost the initial appeal it once had? Does it seem smaller or darker than it should? Maybe it is time for bathroom renovations or, even better, get a new one. Planning for a bathroom renovation isn’t always an easy task. Most people will keep postponing the project until they cannot anymore. Nevertheless, you can still breathe some fresh life into your bathroom by taking on a few renovations and changes. Outlined below are several reasons why you should consider a bathroom refresh.

1. Those Small Annoying Issues Are Harder to Ignore Now

Even the tiniest issues with your bathroom, such as a leaky tap, cracked tiles, a door that won’t close shut, or lighting fixtures that keep falling off, can get on your nerves. If the squeaks are getting out of hand, with the taps/faucets leaking all over, it then is best to consider a bathroom renovation or upgrade. Simply replacing the broken item isn’t a long-term solution, but a renovation is.

2. Your Needs Have Evolved

The best example of this is a growing family with a need for an additional sink or a larger bathtub. The opposite is also true. Maybe you had a larger but generic bathroom to cater for a large family, but now the kids have grown and moved out. You could renovate and restructure the bathroom to suit your now specific and individualistic tastes. Changes in time, especially if age is catching up with you, can force you into thinking of bathroom renovations to make your life easier. Several bathroom modifications may be needed to make it easier to use, safer, and with modern fixtures too. It might also be time to think of handrails and other safety features for the bathroom to accommodate the evolving and rising needs.

3. The Bathroom Layout Has Always Been Off

The current layout of the house, or rather the bathroom, might not be appealing to you. This is mostly the case where one inherited the home from their parents or bought the house as is. Poor bathroom layouts are common in many homes today, forcing homeowners to tear some down and redesign one to their liking. If the bathroom configuration feels off, you can take on a remodel or renovation to fix the shortcomings. A bathroom renovation is also ideal where the bathroom feels too tight and small but with lots of space to expand. Adding WC adjacent to the bathroom can help improve the floor layout and practicality.

4. You wish to move out

Maybe you have been living in that house for many years and wish to move elsewhere and start life afresh. A Job transfer can also force one into selling their current home and move to another locality. Whatever your case is, your house could fetch much more with just a few upgrades and a bathroom renovation. Bathroom renovations and luxury kitchen showrooms are one of the best investments for money, especially when looking to sell a house. According to research, a bathroom renovation can bump the value of your home by up to 15%. This is quite a huge margin considering the current market prices. A new bathroom will also make your home more appealing to potential customers, making it sell faster than others within the same block or neighbourhood.

The renovations may also entail updating or adding several basic features, lighting, and installing new faucets as well. Although you might be looking to sell the house fast to buy another, taking on a renovation project might seem extreme. It, however, isn’t considering the returns on investment and the quality of potential buyers it will attract once done.

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